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    Yonoka's test results


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    Yonoka's test results

    Post by Luck678 on Mon May 27, 2013 12:24 am

    OPTION 1:

    Shooting Star Test vs.ehhh...
    Dark world vs Anti-Meta Heros?
    Prisma Magician vs Crystal Beasts

    3 Duels using 3 different decks (No siding allowed)
    Duel: 0+0+0/18 (6 per win)

    Deck Count: 0+0+0/15 (+5 for 40-42, +3 for 43-44, +0 for 45+)

    Skill: 8+5+5 18/30 (10 per Duel)

    Did below average in some duels.

    General mistakes: -3 12/15 (-3 for each)
    Parallel Miracle Fusion, SS'd from grave, and used wrong material.

    Creativity: 6+5+6 17/18 (6 per deck)

    He's THAT guy

    Sportsmanship: 4/4
    > Did they have a good attitude?
    > Did they give up?

    Total: 51/100

    0-65 Kirin Bronze
    66-85 Zwei Silver
    86-100 Proto Gold

    Congratz on getting into Kirin Bronze! You will get there bud, just keep trying. Work on your deck building skills and i'd like to see you grow with us!
    Keep dueling ~Luck

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