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    TheAss' test results


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    TheAss' test results Empty TheAss' test results

    Post by Luck678 on Mon May 27, 2013 1:16 am

    OPTION 2:

    Prophecy's vs Cookie Cutter

    3 Duels with a single deck (Siding allowed)
    Duel: 0+0+ /18 (6 per win)

    Deck Count: 5/5 (+5 for 40-42, +3 for 43-44, +0 for 45+)

    Skill: 7+9+9 25/30 (10 per Duel)

    Knew what he was doing, just couldn't keep control of the match.

    Siding: 5+3 8/10
    > Did they have a Side Deck?
    (+5 with Screenshot)
    (+5 for 15, +3 for 14-8, +1 for 7-1, +0 for 0)

    General mistakes: -3 12/15 (-3 for each)

    Forgot to pay maintenance cost for lyla

    Creativity: 18/18
    > How creative was the deck?

    Sportsmanship: 4/4
    > Did they have a good attitude?
    > Did they give up?

    Total: 72/100

    0-65 Kirin Bronze
    66-85 Zwei Silver
    86-100 Proto Gold

    Congratz on making it into Zwei Silver. You are fair at the game, and we here at CDA would like to see you prosper. Stay Dueling ~Luck

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    TheAss' test results Empty Re: TheAss' test results

    Post by qwe12a on Mon May 27, 2013 11:37 am

    congrats on zwei silver

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