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    saberheart's testing results


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    saberheart's testing results

    Post by qwe12a on Mon May 27, 2013 7:35 pm

    Deck Count 5/5
    40 card deck

    Duel: 18/18
    stomped me all 3 duels

    Skill: 28/30
    had tons of control on the field and knew a huge amount of ruleings

    Siding: 10/10
    he had a 15 card side deck

    General mistakes: 15/15
    no mistakes

    Creativity 10/18
    eh not super creative

    Sportsmanship: 4/4
    he was very upbeat and nice very nice to duel against

    Total 90/100

    Congrats on makeing it into Proto Gold saberheart it was fun dueling you Very Happy


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