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    Kaiba VS Jaden


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    Kaiba VS Jaden Empty Kaiba VS Jaden

    Post by EmperorPenguin13 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:58 pm

    Jaden: Get your game on!
    Kaiba: Hmph! I created dorms for a reason: To differentiate the slackers from the pros!
    Jaden: You'll be surprised that color doesn't mean anything!

    Jaden - 4000
    Kaiba - 4000

    Kaiba: Rookies go first!
    Jaden: I'm no rookie pal, believe me! I'll kick things off with Polymerization to fuse Bubbleman and Clayman to summon Mudballman! (Yes! I've got a high Defense Monster on the first turn! If I know my history, Kaiba's strategy is straight on force so this should protect for awhile. But just in case...) I throw down 1 Face-Down! Your move bro!
    Kaiba: I'm not your bro! I summon Lord of Dragons and activate Flute of Summoning Dragons!
    Jaden: Uh oh...
    Kaiba: Uh oh is right! I play Luster Dragon #2 and Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
    Jaden: Blue-Eyes! Already?!
    Kaiba: Now I activate Burst Stream of Destruction!
    Jaden: Mudballman!
    Kaiba: He's gone and you're wide open! Luster Dragon attack!
    Jaden: No way! I play Negate Attack!
    Kaiba: Just like a Slifer to hide from a fight! I'll end my turn.
    Jaden: I play Pot Of Greed! I activate Neo Space and summon Neo-Spacian Grand Mole! Now I activate Fake Hero to summon Elemental Hero Neos! Now let's make contact! I summon Elemental Hero Grand Neos!
    Kaiba: Elemental Hero Neos...?
    Jaden: Now Neos attack his Lord of Dragons!

    Jaden - 4000
    Kaiba - 2200

    Jaden: Now that your Lord is gone, I can now target your Blue-Eyes with Neos' Super Power! Blue-Eyes return to to Kaiba's hand! I call it a turn! Still think I'm a rookie?
    Kaiba: Hmph!


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    Kaiba VS Jaden Empty Re: Kaiba VS Jaden

    Post by ito12 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:33 pm

    I like it

    Kaiba VS Jaden Slowking

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