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    Kaiba VS Jaden: Part II


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    Kaiba VS Jaden: Part II Empty Kaiba VS Jaden: Part II

    Post by EmperorPenguin13 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:07 pm

    Kaiba: I activate Shrink to halve your monster's Attack power! Then I'll destroy Neo Space with Mystical Space Typhoon!
    Jaden: Oh no!
    Kaiba: Oh yes! Now Luster Dragon attack!

    Jaden - 2600
    Kaiba - 2200

    Kaiba: I end my turn.
    Jaden: (Aw man! Neos is gone and I have no cards in my hand or field!! This is bad!) goes SOMETHING!!
    Kaiba: Draw your last pathetic card!
    Jaden: My deck has no pathetic cards! But it does have Monster Reborn! Come on back Bubbleman! Now I can draw 2 cards! Sweet! To strengthen my defenses I summon Card Trooper and activate his ability to send 3 cards from my deck to the Graveyard!
    Kaiba: All you've done was send your own cards to the Grave and summon 2 weak monsters to protect you!
    Jaden: (You'll see Kaiba!)
    Kaiba: I draw! I summon Z-Metal Tank! Now my monsters attack!
    Jaden: When Card Trooper is destroyed I get to draw 1 card! Now I summon Elemental Hero Bladedge!
    Kaiba: Please! A mistake like that is what makes you a rookie!
    Jaden: It's not a mistake. Thanks to Elementla Hero Necroshade in my Graveyard, I can summon Bladedge without Tribute!
    Kaiba: I never sent that card to the...ah!
    Jaden: That's right! Card Trooper! Now Bladedge slice and dice his Luster Dragon!

    Jaden - 2600
    Kaiba - 2000

    Jaden: I'll set this card face-down for later and end.
    Kaiba: (I can't believe I'm letting an armature get ahead of me!)
    Jaden: Why the scowl bro? Chill and have fun! That's what dueling's all about!
    Kaiba: I play Pot of Greed and activate Soul Exchange! Now I can tribute 1 monster you control along with 1 of my own and I sacrifice my Z-Metal Tank and your Bladedge to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Now use White Lightning!
    Jaden: Not so fast! I activate A Hero Emerges! Now I can summon a monster from my hand and I choose Elemental Hero Neos!
    Kaiba: He's still no match for Blue-Eyes!

    Jaden - 2100
    Kaiba - 2000

    Jaden: Thanks for taking one for the team Noes! I promise your sacrifice won't be for nothing!
    Kaiba: Quit talking to your cards and go.
    Jaden: Why would I stop talking to my friends?
    Kaiba: What...? ...I set 1 card and end.
    Jaden: I just gotta put faith in my deck and hope for something great! ...Aw yeah! I play Fifth Hope! This lets me add 5 of my Heroes from my Graveyard to my deck and I get to draw 3 cards!
    Kaiba: (This kid has some incredibly lucky draws. But luck doesn't win duels!)
    Jaden: I summon Winged Kuriboh in Defense Mode! Then I'll set this face-down to keep him company.
    Kaiba: Really? That's all! HA! You really are a Slifer Red! Blue-Eyes hit him again!
    Jaden: Draining Shield!
    Kaiba: Draining Shield?!

    Jaden - 5100
    Kaiba - 2000

    Kaiba: (This kid just keeps on hanging on! His luck will run out soon!)
    Jaden: That was a close one right Kuriboh?! Now I draw! I summon Clayman in Defense Mode! I set 1 card and end!
    Kaiba: (I'm ending this now!) I play Heavy Storm! Then I activate Card of Sanctity so we can both draw 6 cards! Now I summon X-Head Cannon! Then I activate Polymerization to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Now I play De-Fusion!
    Jaden: Three Blue-Eyes!!!
    Kaiba: Attack!
    Jaden: It's a good thing I take no damage the turn Kuriboh is destroyed!
    Kaiba: WHAT!? ...I play this face-down.
    Jaden: My go! HA! Hey Kaiba thanks for re-charging my hand with 6 cards! Now I play Fusion Gate to Summon Flame Wingman! Thanks to Wingman's Super Power this duel is over! You'll take 3100 damage when my attack lands!
    Kaiba: ...


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