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    emmanuel's test results


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    emmanuel's test results

    Post by Kuriboh on Sat May 18, 2013 11:33 pm

    OPTION 2:

    3 Duels with a single deck (Siding allowed)
    My Naturia vs. his Nordic

    Duel: 6/18 (6 per win)
    Won one duel from my inconsistent drawing, but I took the other two by a long shot.

    Deck Count: 0/5 (+5 for 40-42, +3 for 43-44, +0 for 45+)
    Said it has 56 cards.

    Skill: 19/30 (10 per Duel)
    Decent, but still forgot some effects, had bad timing in placing cards on the field, etc. Could have done a lot better.

    Siding: 6/10
    Said he had a side deck, but I didn't see anything new.

    General mistakes: 3/15 (-3 for each)
    There were quite a few messups: A few instances where he tried attacking with a monster that already attacked, and also tried Special Summoning a Synchro monster after it had been negated.

    Creativity: 14/18
    Nordics aren't too common, but he still used some very common plays.

    Sportsmanship: 2/4
    Didn't say gl hf or gg at all, but was otherwise pretty good.

    Total: 50/100

    Congrats on making it into Kirin Bronze! You hit the halfway point right on the mark. You just need to focus more on not making mistakes during the duel and making sure you activate cards when they need to be activated. Good luck at CDA!

    0-65 Kirin Bronze
    66-85 Zwei Silver
    86-100 Proto Gold

    Retest available after 6-1

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    Re: emmanuel's test results

    Post by emmanuel000 on Sat May 18, 2013 11:35 pm

    thanks though

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