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    Empty Chest Empty Empty Chest

    Post by Mr.Alexio on Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:28 pm

    i gave you my heart,
    and you tore it apart.
    used and abused,
    i tried to escape.
    the cold steel my only friend,
    it welcomed me with relief.
    whispering in my ear,
    you'll always have me.
    then telling me to leave,
    i could hardly breathe.
    i drowned the pain in blood,
    only to feel the pain again.
    repeat the steps,
    until you no longer can.
    there is no calm,
    constant despair.
    no happiness,
    no way to repair.
    eternal pain,
    lifes only constant.
    why continue the pain,
    the cold steel is always there.
    forever our friend,
    to have until the end. <3

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