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    Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck


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    Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck Empty Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck

    Post by EmperorPenguin13 on Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:41 pm

    I am pretty proud of this deck for the main reason being I made this deck from scratch (I didn't Google a "Perfect Deck Recipe" like some people on DN do so they can almost guarantee themselves a win) and because I won 100+ times in Rated using this deck.

    Some memorable moments with this deck:
    -Elemental Hero Gaia killed Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor.
    -Absolute Zero nuked 5 Six Samurais and Shi-En and Shogun couldn't stop it because Zero is not a Spell or Trap Card.
    -Opponent had a DARK Synchro Monster (I don't remember which one), I had zero cards in my hand and field. Opponent was gonna defeat me if I didn't draw something perfect. I drew FIFTH HOPE. I drew 3 cards. What I drew: Elemental Hero Heat, Super Polymerization, Polymerization. I summoned Heat, played Super Poly to fuse Heat with his Dark Monster, discarded Poly in my hand for Super Poly's cost, summoned Elemental Hero Escuridao, attacked then won. Talk about lucky.

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    Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck Empty Re: Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck

    Post by cymantex on Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:28 pm

    I hope you don't mind me giving my harsh suggestions on your deck. However I think you really need it to improve, so hopefully you will find it useful and not hate me for trashing most cards in your deck.

    You might have heard of this before, however when building a deck you almost always want to bring down your deck to 40 cards.
    The reason why this is so much better can be a little tricky to understand at first. With fewer cards it's much more likely to draw into the best card in the deck and whatever combos you're going for. Making the deck a lot more consistent.

    The main problem with this deck is that it uses quite a lot of cards which are outclassed/slightly worse if you compare them to others. It also have a few small combos which is either inconsistent or doesn't work well with the rest of the deck. 

    I'll try to pick these apart one by one.

    This card is really bad unless you're really making something which can only be fusion summoned with this card and could be worth the great cost (Last Warrior From Another Planet for example). The problem lies in that you are using cards from your hand/field to fusion summon. Which is a very good way of loosing a lot of cards. When you activate this card you loose 2 cards and if your opponent kills off your monster it would all have been for nothing.
    Miracle Fusion or Super Poly are lot better than this card in general.

    Fusion Gate:
    This card is somewhat better than Polymerization in a Hero deck, especially since it can be used over and over again (it only makes you loose 1 card instead of 2). It also works well with Parallel World Fusion, Elemental Hero Shining and Elemental Hero Voltic. However unless your deck is focused around this card you are much better off using just Miracle Fusion and Super Poly.

    An amazing choice: Miracle Fusion
    This card is easily the best fusion card that Heroes have available and is rightfully the most popular one in competitive play. This card enables you to use dead cards in your graveyard to fusion summon which means you won't loose any card advantage when using this card. It's instead much more likely to grind card advantage, something which fusion gate and polymerization often struggles doing.

    Is a rather mediocre card that can easily backfire. If you attack an opponents monster while relying on skyscraper to attack over it, they can for example use Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy skyscraper when you're monster is the one destroyed instead!
    Compare this card to Forbidden Lance which can work both when you attack or is being attacked and also comes with the added bonus of protecting your monster against spell/traps when necessary.

    Mask Change:
    A very powerful card which can destroy all your opponent trap cards before they have a chance to react. However to effectively run this card you need a lot of targets for it. Having only 1x Bubbleman and 1x Ocean (even after considering the decks searches) in a 49 card deck makes it rather unreliable.

    Original Hero Cards (except Bubbleman) and a few others...:
    Avian, Burstinatrix, Clayman, Woodsman, Captain Gold, Lady Heat, Necroshade, Bladedge and Sparkman are all pretty bad due to their typing and being outclassed by other cards.
    The only way I'm aware of for the original heroes to argue being better than using Elemental Hero Neos Alius is to use a card called Chain Material. Fusion Gate + Chain Material = Win if you have Bubbleman, Avian, Burstinatrix and Clayman in your deck/hand/field. Otherwise they are inferior to Elemental Hero Neos Alius since neither of the cards you can commonly fusion with the original Heroes is better than the Attribute Heroes. Neos Alius has higher attack than any of the original heroes. It also counts as a normal monster so it can also take advantage of Hero Blast. There is also the extra bonus of being a Gemini monster and therefore enabling the use of Gemini Spark.
    The best hero fusion monsters which you can reliably make is Absolute Zero and Shining. 
    Focusing your deck around those is a very good idea.

    Draining Shield:
    This card is inferior to things like Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison unless you're deck is designed to gain advantage from gaining/using a lot of Life Points.

    Burden of the Mighty:
    This card have always been pretty mediocre, especially since it can be countered the same way as skyscraper. It's generally better with cards that can either increase the attack of your monster or decrease the attack of the opponent monster on the opponents turn. Also this is an era where xyz monsters rule the dueling field, something Burden of the Mighty doesn't affect since they have rank not level.

    One Day of Peace:
    This card is extremely good in stall decks and certain setup decks that really appreciates the extra turn.
    In most decks however you are better of running another Trap card or something like Gorz the Emissary of Darkness or Tragoedia over this card. Both of which also protects your life points but doesn't give the opponent an extra card.

    Swords of Revealing Light:
    Is also something mainly for stall/setup decks, it's of course not a bad card by any means. However you are generally better trying to get rid of the opponents monsters with stuff like Mirror Force and Bottomless Trap Hole instead of just preventing them from attacking.

    Fifth Hope:
    Is something you would hope not drawing in an early stage of the duel. Also when you do activate it you make the best card in your deck (Miracle Fusion) cry.

    Some cards you should really consider using:

    Monster cards:
    More Bubblemans
    Elemental Hero Neos Alius
    Elemental Hero Voltic (if focusing on Fusion Gate)
    Thunder King Rai-oh
    Photon Thrasher 
    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness (You should avoid Hand traps if you focus the deck around Bubbleman)
    Effect Veiler
    Maxx "C"
    Cardcar D

    Spell Cards:
    Third Miracle Fusion
    Second Duality (staple if using a slower build)
    A Hero Lives
    Parallel World Fusion (if focusing on Fusion Gate)
    Terraforming (if focusing on Fusion Gate)
    Gemini Spark (if using Neos Alius)

    Trap Cards:
    Hero Blast (if using Neos Alius)
    Solemn Warning
    Solemn Judgment (both solemns are staple trap cards, Judgment > Dark Bribe)
    Dimensional Prison
    Call of the Haunted
    Torrential Tribute

    DN Username : EmperorPenguin13
    Posts : 49
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    Age : 23
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    Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck Empty Re: Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck

    Post by EmperorPenguin13 on Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:46 pm

    Well of course i know for a fact that its best to have 40 cards. But its hard for me let go of some because every single one has helped. And saying my deck is inconsistent is quite wrong. I'm the one who plays it so I would know if it's inconsistent. 
    On the contrary, it flows rather decently for a 49 card deck.

    Polymerization...guy come on. Its a hero deck. Think about it. Miracle Fusion and Parallel Fusion cant fuse in the hand. I need that. Yeah Fusion Gate can do what Poly does more easily...but what if i draw miracle fusion? Then I have no monsters i my grave to fuse. I also have multiple card recoveries in case it was wasted. (Fifth Hope, Warrior Returning Alive, Woodsman, Ocean, Fusion Recovery, Monster Reborn) Letting go of Poly would basically mean my monsters aren't getting to the Graveyard at all except from letting them die in battle which would be a waste of turn.

    Chain Material is awful. You can't attack with the fusion and it dies at the end of the turn. It's only use would be to use as an xyz monster or it's one time effect.

    Solemn cards...I don't like paying a huge chunk or half life points just to stop 1 card. Especially when you can count on the opponent bringing back that card or having a another copy then easily use it again.

    Burden of the mighty has helped me a lot more than you realize. No way I'm ditching it.

    I agree skyscraper not the best but its an Atk boost which is useful when i can't fusion. So my Hero Stratos attacks with 2800 which is quite a bit for a level 4 monster.

    Having only 1 Bubbleman and 1 Ocean for Mask Change is unreliable? It actually IS reliable. And I'm not going to have just Bubbleman and Voltic be the only heroes in the deck. All the monsters in my deck now have helped equally. 

    One Day of Peace, swords of light, and draining shield...I can replace it with torrential tribute, d. prison and Gorz i guess.

    Card Card and Effect Veiler would be good.

    Thanks for your help on suggesting a few additions, but there are a few other cards I'm not getting rid of because, from my own experiences, I know their worth.

    DN Username : Cymantex
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    Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck Empty Re: Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck

    Post by cymantex on Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:53 pm

    I'm a lot more experienced player than you might think.

    I feel like if you are going to understand why polymerization is such a crazy card and why Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment is incredibly great cards (and has even become limited because of it). You will have to understand one very important basic.

    One of the most important aspects of this game, which is much more important than how much Life Points you have. Is how many cards you have on your side of the field/hand (which is often called card advantage)!
    A pretty clear example of this is seeing how Pot of Greed is banned since it's a way to simple and powerful way to grind card advantage. While cards which just increases your life points sees no play at all competitively. 

    In the game of Yu-gi-oh, once the amount of cards in your hand/field becomes low, it's usually very difficult to replenish. Unlike other games like pokemon tcg where you have several single cards which lets you draw a whole new hand, yu-gi-oh has nothing like that.

    Once your opponent has more cards than you do it's usually gonna be very difficult to make a come back. While if there is just a difference in life points you have a much greater chance of pulling through.

    Therefore Life point payment is usually the least bothersome cost you can make for a card (it's much worse to discard and tribute monsters for example). Solemn Warning/Judgment is incredible trap cards which can easily grind card advantage and stop your opponents most powerful cards with ease, just for the cost of life points.
    Sacrificing three cards for a monster (polymerization) that the opponent then can destroy with only 1 card, often puts you in a loosing situation since you have lost way too many cards.

    The idea behind using Miracle Fusion is to first make use of the monster you are trying to fuse with. You might tribute Alius with Gemini spark, make your opponent destroy them with cards like Mirror Force/Torrential Tribute or make a xyz and detach the materials to grave. 
    All these cases is MUCH better than just sending them from hand/field to grave for polymerization.
    Not to mention that a well protected 4-star beater can not only easily grind card advantage by attacking over the opponents monsters. It may even win the game on it's own unless your opponent has a good out for the slow grinding. 

    An Elemental Hero Neos Alius is extremely annoying to deal with since immediately if you try to Mirror Force/D-Prison/Bottomless/Torrential (not to mention it being unaffected by fiendish chain) they will chain Gemini Spark and grind a delicious extra card for themselves.

    Chain Material is crazy because there is a loop that makes you able too inflict infinite amount of damage on your opponent by using Electrum and Gustaph Max/Blaze Fenix.

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    Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck Empty Re: Emperor Penguin's Elemental Hero Deck

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