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    [TESTING] OTK Clause


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    [TESTING] OTK Clause Empty [TESTING] OTK Clause

    Post by Kuriboh on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:10 am

    This is copy/pasted into the testing rubric as to avoid confusion over certain things.

    What makes an OTK deck?

    Information along with a list can be found HERE.

    In the event that an OTK from a deck that can make one happens (i.e. bringing out enough beatsticks to inflict over 8000 damage or using damage-inflicting effects to do the same), a tester/testee MUST refrain from inflicting enough damage to end the duel that turn.

    > Player 1 has 8000 Life Points and a completely open Field, Hand, and Graveyard.
    > Player 2 has 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK) on the Field in Face-up Attack position.
    > During Player 2's Battle Phase, Player 2 declares an attack with 2 of the 3 BEWDs, inflicting 6000 damage and putting Player 1 down to 2000 Life Points.

    In this scenario, Player 2 is prohibited from attacking directly with his third BEWD because he would inflict over 8000 points of damage that turn and end the game. Therefore, he must wait until his next turn to end the duel.

    To be perfectly clear with this whole thing, the damage inflicted in a single turn by a single player cannot be greater than or equal to 8000 damage.

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