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    ito12's Retest Results


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    ito12's Retest Results

    Post by qwe12a on Sun May 19, 2013 1:45 pm

    Deck Count 0/5
    60 card deck

    Duel: 0/18
    I won all 3 duel's quickly with a huge gap between our lifepoints

    Skill: 5/30
    most of the time i would manage to pull a huge combo and there was never anything in place to stop it and he only pulled 1 combo in the game himself. While he did know all the effects of all his cards at one point i had a 2500 attack monster and a 800 attack monster on the field and he summoned a 1000 attack monster in attack mode did not attack and ended the turn

    Siding: 10/10
    he had a 15 card side deck

    General mistakes: 9/15
    he only made a couple small mistakes ... i made more then him honestly

    Creativity 10/18
    his deck was very creative but i could not find a reason for half his cards it looked like he just went though and added whatever looked nice at the time

    Sportsmanship: 4/4
    he was very upbeat and nice very nice to duel against

    Total 38/100

    Congrats on makeing it into Kirin Bronze Dorm ito12. My advice is to ask for help on how to improve your decks and duel more so you can develop better dueling skills

    Retest available after 6-2


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