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    JakeYukiRhodes2's Result



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    JakeYukiRhodes2's Result

    Post by xandex on Sun May 19, 2013 2:59 pm

    OPTION 1:

    3 Duels using 3 different decks (No siding allowed)
    Duel: 0/18

    Deck Count:
    Deck 1: 0/15 (+5 for 40-42, +3 for 43-44, +0 for 45+)
    Deck 2: 0/15
    Deck 3: 0/15

    Skill: 5/30 (10 per Duel)
    > Repeatedly put weak monsters in attack position when he could have set them to prevent damage.
    > Summoned Laval Handmaiden then tried to Tribute it to "Special Summon" Dark Magician. I corrected him.

    General mistakes: 12/15
    > Didn't mess up except for the above.

    Creativity: 9/18 (6 per deck)
    >Didn't see much of what his decks could do. I gave him some room but didn't show any exceptionality.

    Sportsmanship: 2/4
    > Almost gave up before the final duel, saying he wouldn't win and it was pointless. I reasured him that even if he lost he would get into the academy, if even only at Kirin Bronze.
    Total: 18/100

    Welcome to Kirin Bronze! Can't wait to see your true potential!

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