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    Team rule's


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    Team rule's Empty Team rule's

    Post by Luck678 on Mon May 20, 2013 8:04 pm

    Team's will be made here.
    In order to make a team, please post at least a description of your team, what you are looking for in members, and what your goal is. Team's will be used in tournaments, games, and for other fun assortments. This is the rubric in order to post:

    Team Name: Derptastic 4
    Description: We are the derptastic 4, we are looking for members who could duel blah blah blah.

    Goal: To be the very best.

    Team's must also keep up with their own members. To do that, simply edit your post and add a list of your members like this:

    Derptastic 4 Members
    -Troll #1
    -Mr. Derp
    -Flame derp
    -The Derp.

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