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    Want to help CDA?


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    Want to help CDA? Empty Want to help CDA?

    Post by Luck678 on Sat May 25, 2013 1:28 am

    Want to help CDA?
    Lately, we have been getting more populated in our chatbox, and I'd like to offer positions to members of CDA. Currently, we are in need of these positions:

    - Tester : 1 positions available (UPDATED)
    - Recruiter : ? positions available
    - Moderator : 1 position

    To be eligible for these positions :
    - To be eligible to become a tester, you must be at least Zwei Silver, and must be given the tester's test by an admin. The admin will approve if you are ready to become a tester.

    - To be eligible to become a recruiter, you will recruit at least 5 people with proof that you recruited them.

    - To be eligible to become a Moderator, you must be friendly at all times. You must be courteous of everyone, and may not start an argument. You will be approved by an Admin if you are to become one.

    ***You must have experience if you wish to become a moderator.

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