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    I Wait For The End


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    I Wait For The End Empty I Wait For The End

    Post by EmperorPenguin13 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:12 am

    Everyday I waited for the end
    Nothing to look forward to but the end
    Everyday I lived was just another day closer to the end

    Living just to live until I was done
    Just being another someone
    A sad life I had
    A life that me mad
    Then I saw you
    To me, you were someone new
    You've walked all the way here
    Of you, I had a strange fear:
    You would ignore me like all the rest
    But instead, you liked me the best

    A new feeling I had
    No longer was I mad
    I had a real friend
    Now I don't want it to end
    My lonely soul you did mend
    Your generosity you did lend
    What a feeling to have a great friend

    But I know you're leaving me
    Now I can see
    A sick game I am apart of
    A game where I get no love
    You tell me you're not going anywhere
    I can't be without your care
    Leaving you I'd never dare
    Life just isn't fair

    Then the day came that were gone
    Before you left, you said to me:
    "I'm not leaving,
    But where are you going?"

    My heart has no dent
    Because I understood what you meant
    I'm not going back to my sorrow
    Instead I'll look toward tomorrow
    Until I perish
    Your memory I'll cherish
    I hope our paths collide
    When we go to the other side

    Everyday I wait for the end
    Nothing to look forward to but the end
    Everyday I live is just another day closer to the end
    Then again I can see my friend

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