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    My home is Destroyed...


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    My home is Destroyed... Empty My home is Destroyed...

    Post by ito12 on Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:02 am

    Everything me and the founders of CDA have come to build has vanished. Who ever reads this I put the burden on you shoulders to help rebuild everything we fought to make. I will entrust the future of CDA into you hands like the founders trusted me and CDA in my hands... but I have failed to continue the legacy of the academy. As my last wish, please get people to join the academy and get it to be the best one that has ever been made! This Is my wish, to see CDA once again rule Dueling network. -Ito12 My finale good bye Sad I will miss you all very much because I have come to love all of you so greatly. Good bye my fellow brothers and sister, because this will possibly be the last time you hear of me.

    My home is Destroyed... Slowking

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