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    How to properly test


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    How to properly test

    Post by Luck678 on Tue May 21, 2013 4:19 pm

    Testing Properly
    It can be one of the easiest or hardest things ever. Depending on how you learn, I devised a ways to learn this.


    - When you arrive on this site, you'll notice how the chatbox is sometimes filled with members who are not tested (Shown as grey [colorless]). As a tester, it is your duty to fulfill your requirements of testing people. As an admin, if there are no available tester and you have free time, you must test them.

    - Before you being testing, begin by asking your colorless person (Will be known as TESTEE) which option he or she'd like. The two options are as follows :

    ~Option 1: 3 decks, 3 duels
    ~Option 2: 1 deck, 3 duels but it is required they have siding. Please notify them that they must if they choose this option.

    - Then you, the tester, shall host the duel. While you are dueling, you should fill in the TESTING RUBRIC as you go. The testing rubric can be found here

    - When you finish all 3 of your duels, you are to ask for siding (If option 2) or post the results. You can notify the TESTEE of their score if you want, but it is required you post their results after the duel. If you fail to complete this task, you will be warned and/or further action will be taken.

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    Re: How to properly test

    Post by Kuriboh on Tue May 21, 2013 5:53 pm

    Siding isn't an absolute necessity, but it can still greatly impact your overall results. There have been many cases where simple side decking was the wall that kept a member out of the next dorm, so it is greatly advised that you learn what Side Decking is and how to do it effectively.

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