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    yuma253's test results


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    yuma253's test results

    Post by qwe12a on Sun May 19, 2013 2:33 pm

    Deck Count 5/5
    40 card deck

    Duel: 0/18
    I won all 3 duel's the second one was close but for the most part it was domination

    Skill: 5/30
    he knew how his deck worked and could retaliate to my combo's but his deck limited him and ability to build a good deck is also skill

    Siding: 0/10
    no side deck

    General mistakes: 0/15
    made a lot of mistakes and i do not think he read my cards properly

    Creativity 18/18
    it was some kind of gagaga fusion custom deck ... was nice

    Sportsmanship: 1/4
    he was upbeat but did not talk much or say glhf or gg

    Total 29/100

    Congrats on makeing it into Kirin Bronze Dorm yuma253. My advice is to ask for help on how to improve your decks and try takeing a second look at your enemy's effects


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