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    Kaiba VS Jaden: Part III


    How was the whole thing?

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    Kaiba VS Jaden: Part III Empty Kaiba VS Jaden: Part III

    Post by EmperorPenguin13 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:44 pm

    Jaden: I play Skyscraper! Now the hurt starts now! Go Flame Wingman! Skydive Scorcher!

    Jaden - 5100
    Kaiba - 1900

    Jaden: Hey your Life Points should've been zero?
    Kaiba: You're not the only one who can pull a fast escape! I played Ring of Protection to defend myself from your Wingman's Super Power!
    Jaden: Aw man! I got rid of Fusion Gate too...
    Kaiba: Are you done?
    Jaden: I summon Flare Scarab in Defense Mode and this Face-Down.
    Kaiba: I play Y-Dragon Head! Now I combine the three to create XYZ Dragon Cannon! By discarding 1 card I can destroy 1 card on the field. Destroy Flame Wingman! Now for my attack! Cannon destroy his Scarab! Now Blue-Eyes double White Lightning to win me the duel!
    Jaden: I play my face-down! Emergency Provisons! So i destroy Skyscraper to increase my Life Points by 1000!

    Jaden - 6100
    Kaiba - 1900

    {After double Blue-Eyes Attack}

    Jaden - 100
    Kaiba - 1900

    Kaiba: All you've done this entire duel is prolong your defeat. I play Spell Absorption. Now I gain 500 Life Points for each Spell you play. And from how you've been dueling so far I'd say you're about to give me quite a recovery.
    Jaden: No biggie, because I play Miracle Contact to fuse the Grand Mole, Flare Scarab, and Neos in my Grave to summon Magma Neos! Magma Neos gains 1600 Attack Points because there are a total of 4 cards on the field! Next I play Hero Mask! This lets me change the name of a monster I control to the name of a Hero in my deck and I choose to change Magma Neos' name to Elemental Hero Avian!
    Kaiba: What was the point of that?
    Jaden: I summon Wildheart! I play Feather Shot! Now my Elemental Hero Avian can attack twice because I've got 2 monsters on my field!

    Jaden - 100
    Kaiba - 3400

    Kaiba: You don't have Elementa...ah!
    Jaden: That's right Kaiba! This Slifer Slacker is gonna clean your clock! Go "Avian" attack his Blue-Eyes!
    Kaiba: NOO!!

    Jaden - 100
    Kaiba - 1400

    Jaden: Now "Avian", attack his other Blue-Eyes!

    Jaden - 100
    Kaiba - 0

    Jaden: That's game!
    Kaiba: ...I lost to a Slifer Slacker?
    Jaden: Don't be too hard on yourself bro! Everyone loses to me! After all I AM the best! Hahahaha! That was a great duel! Hahaha! Here let me help you up.
    Kaiba: ...I can get up myself.
    Jaden: Ok then well see ya around Kaiba! Don't be a stranger!
    Kaiba: (Well Yugi, you've got some competition for your title...)

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